The Kings Group Builders Developers & Contractor is a Construction Company with a nationwide operation in Pakistan. We provide high quality services to our valued clients, across all sectors and have set a strong benchmark for the industry. Based in Karachi, King’s Group provides a comprehensive range of services to a wide range of clients.
Kings Group boasts a group of qualified and competent individuals in the following fields to execute projects :

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Design Engineers
  • Architects
  • Electrical / Mechanical Engineers
  • Qualified Supervisor / Technicians
  • Skilled Labors



The success, which we have achieved, so far by the grace of the Almighty, will be an incentive for us to establish more projects to serve the country and our valued customers.  Our goal is to provide clients with services that will allow them to be the best and deliver results that have a bottom-line impact. Our business practices are based on respect, ethics and responsibility.  Steps are now being taken to establish new areas of business including industrial projects. With continued growth and expansion, the King’s Group will provide even greater opportunities for its customers. And in an era of consolidation, we expect expansion and revenue growth to take us well beyond where we are today. I am confident that our future endeavors would also be successful with the support of our valued customers and well wishers. We bring to our clients much wanted human values, integrity, trust and an assurance of responsibility all coupled with our expertise in construction, engineering & management. Our biggest assets have always been our small but highly trained team of professional managers and engineers who are backed by a very able team of administrators. We have a clear vision about building on our strengths and our achievements while holding dear to us our basic principles. I’m confident that with our versatile, adaptable and technology led efforts, we will meet the exacting standards of our clients.